Today's word is Guitar.

J.S. Bach Invention #1

Chris Magee and Sean O’Donnell practicing guitar duet of J.S. Bach’s Invention #1.

Milonga played by Magee/O'Donnell Guitar Duo

Excerpt of Milonga (J. Cardoso) performed by Chris Magee and Sean O’Donnell at Cake and Beanstalk CafĂ©, (Philadelphia, PA) on April 6, 2014.

Microestudio No. 9

My performance of Abel Carlevaro’s Microestudio No. 9. Recorded in 2010.

Everything Is Going to be OK

This is a simple “chiptune” that I composed in 2013 for a Berklee Music assignment. According to Wikipedia, a chiptune is “electronic music produced (or emulated) by the sound chips of vintage computers, video game consoles, and arcade machines, as well as with other methods such as emulation”. I composed this chiptune using a simple MIDI instrument and then down-sampled it to sound like a true, vintage 8-bit computer.

Kyle Bartlett, Composer

kyle bartlett, composer

We updated the website of composer Kyle Bartlett with her new tracks, current projects, and news of upcoming concerts. Visit

Backup your iPhone's Voicemails

As of now, this script casts a wide net and finds/saves voice memos and GPS instructions as well as voicemails. But, it gets the job done if you want to dump your voicemails to a local archive.

Bill Curran Design | Furniture


I just finished a new site: Bill Curran Design | Furniture

Montego Bay, Jamaica

Brent Missimer and Sean O'Donnell, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Brent Missimer and Sean O’Donnell performing for Heath and Marsha’s wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Generate AWS::S3 Expirable URLs

Time to Stamp Timestamps

Magee/O'Donnell Guitar Duo

Magee/O'Donnell Guitar Duo

Our debut performance at Cake and the Beanstalk in Philadelphia on August 30th, 2013.

Maine Loons

The loons serenading us at night during our 2013 trip to Kezar Lake, Maine.

Berceuse (Guitar Duet)

Jeff Thomas' All-Volunteer Army


A quick design job for Jeff Thomas’ All-Volunteer Army website. Check out the songs — reminiscent of the band Cake. Really fun music.

Don't Get Caught with Your Maps Down

Google will turn off its Maps 2.0 Javascript API on May 19, 2013. If your application depends on it, now is the time to upgrade — lest you get caught with your maps down.

Upgrading Your Google Maps JavaScript Application To v3